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Attached please find my puppy questionnaire. The questionnaire is to assist me in knowing exactly what you are looking forward to hopefully get in your new puppy so that the best possible match can be made.

As the breeder, I will be providing you with a quality puppy out of two proven parents who have had all their health testing done. They are being raised in my home using the Puppy Culture protocol including enrichment and socialization to aid in their development. These puppies will all be microchipped, registered with AKC, vaccinated and wormed before going to their new homes. All puppies will be started on housebreaking and crate training. The entire litter will be evaluated and temperament tested. They will go out with a contract. As the puppies grow I will provide pictures and my observations. At any time I will be available for any questions. Please keep an open mind as you watch the entire litter grow and you try to “pick” which puppy might be yours. During the nine weeks they are going to grow and change and it will become apparent which puppy is meant to be yours. Mudi are truly a special breed and I look forward to being a part of you getting one of these puppies whether it is your first Mudi or your next.



Tell me about yourself and your home life.

Do you have children or other pets?

 If you live in an apartment or rent do you have the landlord's permission to have a dog?

What will be the puppy's living quarters?

Why do you want a puppy? 

Who will be the primary caretaker of the puppy?

How did you learn about the Mudi?

What made you decide on this breed? Have you researched the breed?

What previous experience do you have with owning dogs?

Describe the perfect Mudi for you.

What are your plans for your Mudi?  Are you looking for a show/breeding prospect, a performance partner or just a wonderful companion?

What activity level would be ideal for you?

Would you prefer a male or a female and why?

Please rate in order of importance to you the following: structure, temperament, drive, sex, color and any other attibutes (be specific).

What are your plans for picking up your puppy? Puppies will stay with me until at least 8.5 weeks of age.

Do you have the necessary resources to ensure the best life for your dog? 

If you can't keep the dog for ANY reason, will you return him/her to the breeder?

Do you have any more questions for me about the puppy or the breed?  

Please provide Name, address, phone number and email address.

When are you planning on adding a Mudi puppy to your family?


Please return this form to

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